Ireland is the place where any one desires to be as a student, to immerse himself/herself in history, music, science, technology, arts, nursing, culture, medicine, law, sports, hardware, software, languages, business, commerce, and so on. Being the fourth best business destination of the world according to Forbes, Ireland provides the best environment for business and employment. A lot of students from the US, Canada, China, Japan, South American countries, African countries and European Union are studying in Ireland.

• Ireland is a member of European Union with access to Europe

• Ireland has been the centre of Learning for many centuries

• A country with highly mobile population with global presence

• The best business destination in the world because of low taxation

• Country having high per capita income and high life expectancy

• One of the most friendly countries in the world with high tech approach

• Highest growth rate in the western world, post recession

• Place where European headquarters of all MNCs are located because of English speaking population and low costs of tax. Corporate Tax of Ireland is just 12.5%, the lowest in the world. Post Be-exit, all major companies are shifting from UK to Ireland