Living Cost in Ireland

The above depends on how the student places himself/herself in Ireland. He/she can live independently or share accommodation with friends. The monthly living expenses can vary from 800 Euros to 1400 Euros per month depending on the life style of the student. (This in Indian Rupees amounts to Rs. 56,000 to 98,000 per month This includes rent, food, phone bills, internet bills, electricity bills, travel and entertainment). All students get discounts at outlets all over the country, for which they have to show their student identity card/society card, whichever is applicable.

A rough monthly estimate was given by Pitambara Somani from Nagpur, who studied upto 12th class in Mumbai. Presently she is a second year under-graduate student of Trinity College Dublin. Her monthly living expenses IN DUBLIN are as follows: Rent: 550 to 600 Euros (Single Room, not sharing). Food: 120 to 140 Euros. Internet: 30 to 40 Euros. Electricity:50 Euros per room. Phone Bill:15 to 20 Euros. Travel: 80 Euros [Smart (Leap) card for bus, Luas/Tram and local train combined, 30 Euro per week]. Entertainment: Varies depending on the person (say 140 Euros). Total: 850 to 950 Euros monthly, excluding entertainment. This is the figure given by a student living in the most expensive city Dublin that is the capital of Ireland. NATURALLY, LIVING EXPENSES IN THE SMALLER CITIES/TOWNS WILL BE LESSER THAN THE GIVEN FIGURES.


Part time work is alright. However, it is highly recommended that average postgraduate students doing one year's course focus on studies only (without working part-time) because higher grades will be required for qualifying for jobs in Ireland. If the student fails in any subject/paper, one year's additional fee may have to be paid for repeating a year of study.