why study in ireland


• Ireland is a member of European Union with access to Europe.


• Ireland has been the centre of Learning for many centuries.


• Ireland is a country with highly mobile population with global presence.


• Ireland is the best business destination in the world because of low taxation.


• Ireland is the country having very high per capita income and high life expectancy.


• Ireland is one of the most friendly countries in the world with high tech approach.


• Ireland has thr highest economic growth rate in the western world, post recession. A good chance exists for those who study in Ireland, to settle down in a country with high income.


• Ireland is the place where European headquarters of all MNCs are located because of English speaking population and low costs of tax. Corporate Tax of Ireland is just 12.5%, the lowest in the world. After Br-exit, almost all companies based in the UK are shifting their base to Ireland.